Indie Show w/ Shane 10-06-19

Peaking Lights – midnight (in the valley of shadows)
Sapat – lovely & free
Black Devil – we never fly away again
Hailu Mergia – Hailu Mergia
Family Atlantica – neti neti
The Yan Tregger Group – eternity
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – fortuned life
Syrinx – tumblers to the vault
John Cale & Terry Riley – the hall of mirrors in the palace at versailles
Steaming Coils – can and can’t
The Spacious Mind – the cave song
Surprieze – zero
A-Austr – essex queen – she dances
Surprieze – zoen-zoen
Syrinx – better deaf & dumb from the first
Acolytes Action Squad – this journey ends with the letters greyt
Spires that in the Sunset Rise – black earth
The Astral Army – interstellar shortwave
Dan Melchior – moving the furniture around
Che-SHIZU – ノコギリ山の犬 – Nokogiriyama No Inu
Nash The Slash – mooncurse
Surprieze – klasziek
You – hallucination engine
Beak> – harvester
Thee Oh Sees – dead man’s gun
Dead Moon – raise up the dead