Jackson Scott – sweet nothing
Tactics – national health
Che-Shizu – lovely on the water
Aldous Harding – what if birds
Kenneth Patchen – do the dead know what time it is?
Flaviola e o Bando do Sol – canto funebre
D.H. Kimball – cnlm 701.2
a.m.p – watchin’
The Budos Band – the enchanter
The Lyman Woodard Organization – on your mind
The Mekons – learning to live on your own
Magnetique Bleu – neuroleptique uberalles
Renaldo & the Loaf – bustle the burgoo
Steaming Coils – golding operations
Bobby Gimby – ghostin’ (strollin’ spooks)
Henry Flynt – conga
Spires That in the Sunset Rise – underscore
A.C. Marias – our dust
A-Austr – continuum
Magik Markers – psychosomatic
Boards of Canada – ’84 pontiac dream
Noel Akchote – correte, amanti, a prova
Nicodemus & Matchez – whiskey bottle
Syrinx – syren
Kandodo – laud the hyena
Tamia – narcissa solis