Indie Show w/ Shane 15-05-2017

Indie Sow with Shane
15 May 2017

The Riptoids – I’m wired
Belbury Poly – Farmer’s angle
Opabinia – Pre-Cambria dreamin’
Makigamisantachi – わたしは安心 ( I am relieved)

A Tribe Called Red – Electric pow wow drum
Hikashu – Naruhodo (I got it)
BEAK> – The cornubia

The Velvet Underground – I’m set free (the legendary guitar amp tapes)
Cabaret Voltaire – Here she comes now
Spacemen 3 – Come down easy (demo)
Les Rallizes Denudes – White waking

Beaver & Krause – Dr Fox
The Residents – La la
Beatnigs – C.I.A.
Benjamin Lew – Apotheose de B
Bill Fay – The sun is bored

Henry Flynt – I was a creep
The Black Angels – The prodigal sun
Alec Bathgate – Slow fuzz
Spacemen 3 – Ode to street hassle

Orange – Broccoli
The Passage – Pin hunt
Demdike Stare – Caged in Stammheim
Paise Bajos – Lento

Jackie-O Motherfucker – Sing your own song
Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
Wire – Indirect enquiries (live)
Eddy Senay – Zambezi