Indie Show with Shane 12-06-17

Indie scent with Shane
12 June 2017

Makigamisantachi – 孫の手 (Mago no te)
John Foxx – Almost There
The Advisory Circle – Winter Hours
Mainliner – Imaginative Plain

Roy Montgomery – Dear Future Loser
Angels In Heavy Syrup – はつ恋 (Hatsukoi)
Eddy Detroit – Jungle Captive

Ultimate Painting – Who Is Your Next Target?
Faust – The Sad Skinhead (alt mix)
Dan Melchior – City Lights
Phil Yost – Lizard-Watcher’s Theme

Faust – So Far
The Dead C – Bone
Omar Khorshid – Habibaty (My Beloved)
Billy Bragg & Wilco – Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key

Davy Graham – Bulgarian Dance
Ben Israel, Danny – Dawn With Hash
Arbete och Fritid – Knoga Och Knega
Günter Schickert – Apricot Brandy

Faust – Picnic on a Frozen River
Charalambides – Dormant Love
Velvet Underground – Satelite of love
Amos And Sara – The Harry and Flo scene
Pelt – Deep Sunny South

Thomas Leer – Soul Gypsy
Cyclobe – II Tarot