The Jazz Show w/ Prof EZ 25-09-16

1.  Billie Holiday:    All Of Me

2.  Brian Smith:    I’ve Got A Crush On You (NZ)

3. Roy Phillips:    Girlie (NZ)

4.  J&K:    Smoky

5.  Jimmy Witherspoon:    Groove’s Groove

6.  George Benson:    Because/Come Together

7.  Bobbi Humphries:    Blacks and Blues

8.  Crayford Seller Dyne:    Conception    (NZ)

9.  Miles Davis:    Moon Dreams

10. Eberhart Weber:    Notes After An Evening

11. Esther Phillips:    I Never Found A Man

12. Roy Ayers:    This Guy’s In Love With You

13. Tom Dennison:    Stingray (NZ)

14. Tessa Quayle:    Lullaby Of Leaves (NZ)

15. Bobby Hutcherson:    Houston St – Thursday Afternoon

16. Mundi:        In The Blink Of An Eye (NZ)

17. Carla Bley:    Rut

18. Flora Purim:    Love Reborn

19. Michael Urbaniak:    Lyricon

20. Alexis French:    Parc La Fontaine Blues And Greens (NZ)

21. Jean Luc Ponty:    Between You and Me

22. N’Dea Davenport:    When The Night Falls

23. Deodato:    Nights In White Satin

24. Culturemix:    Moscow Meeting

25. Deva Mahal:    Handle It (NZ)

26. Stuart Hamm:    Flow My Tears

27. Nathan Haines:    O Misterio (NZ)

28. Stanley Clarke:    All Hell Broke Loose