Late Late Breakfast Show w/ Mish 03-12-16

Derek Kaye – for the fubnk of it (EDIT)
Basement Freaks – Boogaloo express
Kelis v tyler james – trick me
Ed Wizard & Disco Dee – mAGNIFICENT
Just Jack – Symphony of sirens
Alien Sugar Disco – How G
Funky Dudley – Testin me
Jablonski – Soul Mokossa (LW EDIT)
Boogie Down bottle nose dolphins edit) Justice – D.A.N.C.E. some more
Grace Jones – Williams Blood (Yam Who? disco dub mix)
MJ – Dont want to let you go (LNTG Soul Cut)
Superfunk – The Young MC (Rythym masters remix)
Gemini – Memory
Simon – Free at last
Lapsley – Operator
Unreleased Project – Sax you
Nick Holder – Summer Days
Sean Brosnan – Sat Jam (Ray mang remix)
Cassius – Felling s for you (DJ Medhi cambridge circus remix)
Teddy Prendergrass – Life is a circle (Runaway edit)
Fatback band – Street dance (runaway edit)
Criminal element orchestra – Put the needle on the record
Soundstream – Good Soul
Unknown – Leave the funk to us
Discotron -0 Disco ballin’
Steriosonic – Talking all that jazz (Torti’s old scjhool of edits dub)
Ron Basejam – Kag
My system echo – so near (ron basejam remix)
King Koobs – dreamin of you