Señora – Paul
Cesar Mariano & Cia – Metropole
Mario Acquaviva – Notturno Italiano
Sergio Mendes – Si Señor
Tala AM – Black Gold
Sookie – Rhythm On Rhythm
Ken-Dang – Born In Borneo
Jeff Duff – Walk On The Wild Side
Maya – Lait de coco (Dub)
Brenda And The Beach Balls – Dancing Thru’ The Night
Zoom – Wayawaya
Q – Keep It Strong (Unreleased Dub Edit
Stimela – Mind Games
Diva – Prise Au Piège (Version 45 Tours)
Samo DJ – Triad Board Meeting
Simple Symmetry – Yalla
Knight Action – D-Rail (Special Mix)
Kito Jempere – Lifetime Theme (Lipelis Kebab House Remix)
Les Hooper – Lady Of The Night
Timothy McNealy – Easy, Easy, Easy
Bill Summers & Summers Heat – Don’t Fade Away
Gospel Storytellers – Rise Up
No Gold – Council Jam
Bob James – Nautilus
Gap Mangione – Diana In The Autumn Wind
Terry Callier -You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman
Maurice Moore – Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold (Floating Points Edit)
Pink Family – Don’t Give Your Life Away
Chain Reaction – Search For Tomorrow
Dan Shake – Gimme Somme (Dan Shake Cut
The Brooklyn, Bronx And Queen Band – Starlette (Album Version)
Tom of Brooklyn – Make Me Wonder
Albinos – Bakatribe
Peggy Gou – Han Jan
Westcoast Goddess – No One Has 2 Know
Soulphiction – B3B4URD1
Nicholas feat. Paul Cut – Resolution
K2 – In Spite Of