Polska Radio One – Последняя Мантра
The Heartwood Institute – astercote
David Weinstein – hideaway
The Ilk – powerplant
The Dave Pike Set – raga jeeva swara
The Unseen – evidently the spirits have taken over
Rogers – toomus meremereh nor good
Greg Sage – soul’s tongue
Bob Kelly – beepin’ squeal
Pauline Anna Strom – energies
Aktuala – mediterraneo
The Braz Gonsalves 7 – raga rock
The Magick Heads – before we go under
Daniel Higgs – track 1
The Android Sisters – ray-dee-oh
BEAK> – the cornubia
The Rhythmagic Orchestra – tiajuana
Secret Chiefs 3 – ship of fools
Polvo – my kimono
The Pyramids – queen of the spirits
Haruomi Hosono – temo finala- nokto de la galaksia fervojo
펄 시스터즈 / Pearl Sisters – 기억해 줘 / remember me
The Deviants – child of the sky
Rexy – running out of time
E.M.A.K. – biela
Virna Lindt – the dossier on virna lindt
Clara Mondshine – fischer des meeres der stille (fishermen of the silent sea)
John Zorn – po’o’uli
Esa Kotilainen – matkaaja