Preoccupations – Degraded
Us As Robots (NZ) – Steampunk’s the Dream, Punk
Belle & Sebastian – We Were Beautiful
My Bloody Valentine – Soon
Richard Dada (NZ) – Levitation
Ringo Deathstarr – Stare At The Sun
Title Fight – Be A Toy
Anthonie Tonnon (NZ) – Two Free Hands
Drop Nineteens – Kick the Tragedy
Big Scout (NZ) – Mey
Churlington (NZ) – F*ck Sand
Pity Sex – Flower Girl
Fleet Foxes – On Another Ocean (January / June)
Turnstile – Gravity

Die! Die! Die! (NZ) – Out Of Mind
Foals – Olympic Airways
U.S. Girls – Mad As Hell
Mr Amish (NZ) – Breathe
American Football – Honestly
Tigers Jaw – June
Carb on Carb (NZ) – You’re Bound to Fall, Give
Nina Miranda – The Cage & the Garden (1970 Remix)
Turnover – Humming
Astro Children (NZ) – Straight for My Heart
DIIV – Healthy Moon
Ounce (NZ) – Dead Mirror

Kane Strang (NZ) – Things Are Never Simple
My Disco – Always Measure Wait
Evening is Youth (NZ) – Hard Times
Gains (NZ) – Think Outside the Pentagram
Destroyer – Tinseltown Swimming in Blood
Ohana – Bleed Ideals
Stratchcona Pl (NZ) – Seams
Ceremony – Bleeder
Nadia Reid (NZ) – Preservation
Lina Tullgren – Fitchburg State
How Get (NZ) – Hobson Street
So So Modern (NZ) – Cosmic Car Crash
The Big Pink – Stay Gold
Tame Impala – Reality in Motion
Alpha Beta Gamma (NZ) – Voids