Drop Nineteens – Delaware
SODA BOYZ (NZ) – Team Rockit
DIIV – Human
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Over Everything
Jonathan Bree (NZ) – You’re So Cool
American Football – You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon
Roy Irwin (NZ) – King of Pop
Man in Rug (NZ) – Twilight Princess
Lord RAJA – Zero
Mr Amish (NZ) – Laundry Day
Chelsea Jade (NZ) – High Beam
Pity Sex – Drown Me Out
Trust Punks (NZ) – The Reservoir
Balance & Composure – Body Language
Ceremony – The Separation

Yukon Era (NZ) – Tongue
The Horrors – Hologram
Superorganism (NZ) – Something For Your M.I.N.D.
9-5ers (NZ) – Bonfire
E!E!(IWALE) – Keep What You Have Built Up Here
Algernon Cadwallader – Black Clouds
Carb on Carb (NZ) – Phenomenal Ladies
Tigers Jaw – Slow Come On
Torres – Helen in the Woods
Die! Die! Die! (NZ) – HT
The Big Pink – Hit The Ground (Superman)
Foals – Black Gold

Turnstile – Can’t Deny It
Astro Children (NZ) – Straight for My Heart
Gorgeous Bully – i can see
Cool Cult (NZ) – From Kodiak
Turnover – Sunshine Type
WOMB (NZ) – When the Night Breaks Up
Fruit Juice Parade (NZ) – Whaling
So So Modern (NZ) – Dusk & Children
Dinner – Un-American Woman
Tame Impala – New Person, Same Old Mistakes
Glitterer – Little Song
Tycho – Elegy
Electric Wire Hustle (NZ) – Perception
Alpha Beta Gamma (NZ) – Arundel
DBLDBL (NZ) – Death by Exposure