Monday Flow w/ Aimee E. 07-10-19


Alexa Casino (NZ) – Die Like A Rose feat. Imugi
Estere (NZ) – Tokoloshe (feat. Raiza Biza)
Ghostnaut x Raw Collective (NZ) – Tribes feat Jinz Moss
The All Seeing Hand (NZ) – Royal Oil
AJA (NZ) – Non-Handler
sideSister (NZ) – Start Out Tall
Same Name Confusion (NZ) – Silli City
Canopy Layer (NZ) – Branches
Womb (NZ) – When the Night Breaks Up
Warpaint – Set Your Arms Down
Mermaidens (NZ) – I Might Disappear
Milpool (NZ) – From Beyond
Aldous Harding (NZ) – The Barrel (Radio Edit)
Julia Deans (NZ) – The Panic
Kim Gordon – Sketch Artist
Secret Knives (NZ) – Spinning Top


SoccerPractise (NZ) – Younger Looking Skin
Death and the Maiden (NZ) – River Underground
Hybrid Rose (NZ) – Dream Team
Kimbra – Lightyears (Chris Tabron Mix)
Grimes – We Appreciate Power feat. HANA
Skux (NZ) – Kudis
Miss June (NZ) – Enemies
The Beths (NZ) – Future Me Hates Me
Beacon Bloom (NZ) – Rocket
Paperghost (NZ) – A Map of Things
MYNN (NZ) – Kill Me
Ludus (NZ) – bad butter
Rhian Sheehan (NZ) – Standing In Silence (Part 6)


Green Grove (NZ) – Silently
LEISURE (NZ) – On My Mind
Troy Kingi (NZ) – Break A Bone
Louis Baker (NZ) – So Lo
Imugi ??? (NZ) – Be Here Soon
Raw Collective (NZ) – Smash The Grip
Church and AP (NZ) – Roulette
George Young (NZ) – The Devil
Bec Sandridge – Stranger
Holy Holy – Faces
Foals – Exits
Lisa Crawley (NZ) – Baby It’s Fine (Clean)
Samm Henshaw – The World Is Mine
Wax Chattels (NZ) – It
Brockhampton – No Halo
Simloco (NZ) – Seaweed ft. Jinz Moss