Monday Flow w/ Aimee E. 09-09-19


Alexa Casino (NZ) – Die Like A Rose feat. Imugi
Estere (NZ) – Tokoloshe (feat. Raiza Biza)
Samm Henshaw – The World Is Mine
Louis Baker (NZ) – Black Crow
Dirty Pixels (NZ) – Julipa
Ha the Unclear (NZ) – Julius Caesar
Purple Pilgrims (NZ) – Two Worlds Apart
Hans Pucket (NZ) – FML (radio edit)
LEISURE (NZ) – On My Mind
Same Name Confusion (NZ) – Silli City
Mako Road (NZ) – Be the Same
BEACHWARE (NZ) – Leave It Alone
Better Oblivion Community Center – Dylan Thomas
namesake (NZ) – Kowhai
The Beths (NZ) – Future Me Hates Me
Troy Kingi (NZ) – Truganini


DARTZ (NZ) – Sit This One Out
Skux (NZ) – Kudis
Miss June (NZ) – Enemies
Mermaidens (NZ) – You Maintain The Stain (clean)
Hex (NZ) – Billboard
Jullekke (NZ) – 444
Hybrid Rose (NZ) – Dream Team
Julia Deans (NZ) – The Panic
Plaines (NZ) – Knuckles
Earth to Zena (NZ) – I’ll Never Know
Deaf (NZ) – Shards
Surf Friends (NZ) – New Wheels
The Spectre Collective (NZ) – Cosmosis
Ghostnaut x Raw Collective (NZ) – Tribes feat Jinz Moss
Brittany Howard – Stay High


Beacon Bloom (NZ) – Rocket
Paperghost (NZ) – A Map of Things
Toyota (NZ) – Beep Mode
The All Seeing Hand (NZ) – Royal Oil
Koizilla (NZ) – I Can’t See Anything
Earth Tongue (NZ) – Astonishing Comet
Milpool (NZ) – From Beyond
Terror Of The Deep (NZ) – To Your Health (Stef Animal Remix)
Massive Attack – Paradise Circus
Dimmer (NZ) – I Believe You Are A Star
Rhian Sheehan (NZ) – Waiting (Sea Of Tranquility Remix)
George Young (NZ) – The Devil
L(())VE And Hope (NZ) – The View
Brockhampton – No Halo