Music Without Subtitles 16-06-18

Radio Spot – Death Wish
Septimo Sello – Vuelo 747
KAS Product – One of the Kind
Bene Gessetti – American Orphan Girl
Guyer’s Connection – Links und Listig
Bea et Jose – Manou
…And Native Hipsters – There Goes Concorde Again
Space Lady – Major Tom
Drama – Jungle Chant
The Sisterhood – Finland Red Egypt White
MTJunker (with Vincentas Baltaragis) – Sniego Pilis
Colder – Shiny Star
Die Wilde Jagd – Zwischen Spiel
Jean Paul Vignon & Farrah Fawcett Majors – You
Lucio Battisti – Amarsi un po’
Luca D’Ammonio – Oh Caron
Djik – Le chant de l’alouette
Roger Glover – Old Man Mole
Jack White – Top Brass
Shimshon Miel – Amsterdam Experience (Kalbat Edit)
Fattish – Gel Seher
Modern Folk Uclusu (featuring Aysegul Aldinc) – Donme Dolap
Steaua de Mare – Dupa ce au pescarusii
Le Mystere – Opus 303
Mr. and Mrs. Dale – It’s You (New York – London Mix)