Music Without Subtitles 18-06-16

Radio Spot – Main Street Women
Deux – Paris Orly
Videoclips – Der Doppelgänger
Shazam – Memories
KH – 121234
La Ligne d’Hiver – Crime passionel
Martin Rossel – Heartbreak Hotel
Ed Sirrs – I Think I Think Too Much
The Dodgems – Baby, You’re So Science Fiction
Plain Characters – Man in the Railings
Spies Energy – Virginia Plain
Machinations – Arabia
Tramps – Just a Gigolo (Instrumental)
Sir James – The Selection
Missing Scientists – Big City Bright Lights
The Flying Lizards – Her Story
Excerpt from The Dark Crystal (Part 1)
Acrobat – Indian Reggae
Dom Thomas – Bombalien
Kishore Kumar – Mein tu ban gaya
Kishore Kumar – Zamana to hai naukar biwi ka
Excerpt from The Dark Crystal (Part 2)
Hot Ice – Theme from Friday the 13th Part 3
Splash Band – The End (Disco)
Albion – Into Infinity