Music Without Subtitles 19-05-18

Radio Spot – The Stud
Grauzone – Eisbär
Tranquil Eyes – Fitness School
Alex Fergusson – Brushing Your Hair
Element 104 – East Side of Heaven
U.H.P. – Quien lo ve
Asmodaeus – Second Time is Different
Allen Charney – Sound of Muzak
Ulrich – Message Pirate
Plain Characters – Man in the Railings
Pas de Deux – The Lonely Guys
Techno Twins – Falling in Love Again
The Prophets – Back to the Burner
Nausea – Vocal Expression
This Cold Night – Gay Goth Dance Machine
She Past Away – Alt Ego
Die Wilde Jagd – Säuregäule
Tony Hymas – Pictures of Departure
Anne Clark – Hope Road
Conrad Schnitzler – Krautrock
Miki – Fantomas Break
Black Rox – Date With the Rain
Unknown Artist – Enye