Music Without Subtitles

Radio Spot – Girly
Experimental Products – Golden Hours
Mystery Plane – Find Somebody
Oto – Anyway
Roy G. BIv – Ulloa’s Ring
Kevin Harrison – Some Aspect of Music
Kevin Harrison – All Night Long
William Clipman – Nail in the Tree
Mick Milk – Wait for Go
Clogsontronics – Rhino
Natalia Twins – When We Were Young
Arc en Ogive – Visée
Cosmetics – Sleepwalking
Kriget – Din Con
Private Eyes – Mirror Image
Factice Factory – Lodged
Dr. Quell – Disco die neue Wissenschaft
Weltschmertz – Grundunordnung
Matthias Hansemann – Rap-King von Berlin
Der Polizei – Let’s Do the Razzia
Le Civils – La Crise
Sonseed – Jesus is a Friend
Les Singes Verts – Personal Jesus
Queenz – We Will Rock You
The Loot Beggar – Love is a Losing Game
Michel Bundt – La chasse aux microbes
Black Devil – Follow Me