Music Without Subtitles 21-09-19

Music Without Subtitles, September 21st 2019:
Radio Spot – Linda Lovelace for President
Rational Youth – I Want to See the Light
Stereo – No More
Arvid Tuba – The Seasons are Sitting on Chairs
Halfnung & Psyche – Die bleibt Kalt
Boys du Severe – Mondmächen
Bene Gesserit – Kidnapping
Valek – I, Foreign Eye
Dead Man Industry – Desorientation in Grey
The Two – Love is Not Enough
Wonders of Science – Let’s Start a Rumour
Sons of Science – Way of Life
DAF – Goldenes Spielzeug
Molchat Dolma – Filmy
Hyperculte – Temps Mort
Cold Cave – Doom Doom Doom
Rimarimba – Not Enough Time
Kate NV – Ear
Lucrecia Dalt – Tar
Hollow Squad – Surface Intentions
Lata J. Ramasar – The Greatest Name That Lives
Unouzbeck & Venturi – Manjula Doll
Babla – Indian Aartis
Shelter  – Teri Gut Ne Kacheri
Lovefingers – Zoysia