Music Without Subtitles 22-04-17

Radio Spot – Gator
Dumbrowski – Intercontinental
Solid Space – Destination Moon
Ohama – Julie is a TV Set
The Fallout Club – Falling Years
Tiempo 555 – Vuelo En El Reloj
Monopol – TV
Justine – Justine
Beograd – Kontrolori
ZaZa – Zauberstab
Bagarre – Lemonsweet (Disco Mix)
Nancy Nova – Made in Japan
Susi Klinger – Alle Spießer sind mir egal
Stefania Rotolo – Spaccatutto
Orchestra Detto Mariano – Gocce d’Acqua
Funky – Funky Stop
Charly and the Bourbon Family – Boogachi
The White Lines – La Dama. de los Ojos Verde
Roger Williams – Theme from “Rollerball”
Michel Legrand – Qui étes-vous Polly Magoo
Marie Laure Saches – Shivers
Michele Miti – Simpathy
Feliciana di S – Io Es
G. Bri – Non rompere
Pink Fink – Frightened Love
Ken Lewis – Cosmic Cars
Uranium – Eleanor Rigby
Pink Fink – Frightened Love
Hot Ice – Theme from Friday the 13th Part III