Music Without Subtitles, July 2nd 2016

Radio Spot – Sisters
Pilotes – Performance
Grauzone – Träume mit Mir
Det Gylne Triangel – Maskindans
Noice – Europa
Mats Olofsson – Silicon
Bottroper Hammerchor – Anner Ruhr
Eurocheque – Oh wei, oh wei
Strapped – Edna
Trick 17 – Lieben und Leiben
Blümchen Blau – Du hast ja einen
Ernst – Hans im Glück
Zombies – La Muralla China
Stephan Eicher – Nice
Kristi Kara – Der Stoff aus dem Traume Sind
Lola Payola – I Got Married to a Man from Space
Tuesday Piranha – Telephone Disease
The Snorkels and Snorkettes – When I Say Go
Dug Dug’s – Brillo del Sol
Michel Chartrand – Histoire d’eau
Charly and the Bourbon Family – Boogachi
Mike Steiphenson – Rainbow
Starlight – Pop Stars
Dan Seepers – Pop Flamenco
Jack White – Top Brass Shocking Trip Part 1
PP Mavins – Finders Keepers
Ramasandiran Somusundaram – Funky Star
Louis Kaplan and His Crew – Fly Me
Azoto – Hava Nagila
Supercharge – I Think I’m Going to Fall in Love