Music Without Subtitles, September 9th, 2017

Radio Spot – Emmanuelle
Tranquil Eyes – Finding Out for Yourself
The Body Electric – Interior Exile
Proceso Inverso – Musica para androides mutantes, ninos y perros
Jobs for America – Interstellar Safeway
John Bender – Galacial
Gary Blanchard – Walk, Don’t Run
ADN Ckrystall – Mini Romance
Candidate – On the Ice
Nausea – Killing Time
Malaria – Your Turn to Run
Artery – Into the Garden
Chandra – Opposite
Social Climbers – Chicken 80
Helen Gurley Brown –¬†Getting A Girl To The Brink!
Georges Rodi – Hell’s Angels
Roland Bocquet – Scoop
James Saunders – Spectra
Sauver Massa – Synthetic Neutron
Roger Dery – Poursuite dans la nuit
Barry Schleiffer – Sonic Rhythm
Les Yeux Orange – Avidio
Soul Brigada – Hustlema
Decent International – Leaving You
Alma Negra – Amazigh