Music Without Subtitles w/ TV DiSKO 11-05-19

Radio Spot – Phantom of the Paradise
Marc and the Mambas – Fun City
Pyrolator – Die Haut der Frau
Asphixiation – L’acrostique d’amour
Vox Populi! – Megamix
Galen Herod – Lowdown
Short Term Memory – Twitch and Jerk
Nagamutzu – Faith
Mama Bubo – Co To Ma Byt
Schaltkreis Wasserman – LUX
Pyrolator – Ein Welhnachtsmann kommt in die Disko
Disque Omo – Toujours l’amour
Dell Haensch and Claude Larson – Soul City
Pierre Dutour – Mountain Echoes
Jean-Pierre Decerf – Dreams in the Wind
Studio Ganaro – K.O.
Stefano Leproto – End Titles from The Eyeball
Spatial & Co. – Electric Maneges
J. Hyde – Silver Surfer
Electronic System – Flight to Tokyo/Cosmos Trip/Fly to Venus
Daisy Daze and the Bumble Bees – Planet O
Krackers – Machines