Music Without Subtitles w/ TV DiSKO 31-08-19

Radio Spot – Nocturna
Mag & The Suspects – Erection
Comateens – Pictures on a String
Lex – Fourteen Days
Quando Quango – Love Tempo
Bulletin Dada – Age of Confusion
Mystery Plane – Find Somebody
Legendary Pink Dots – God Speed
Jobs for America – Soggy Sponges
Frische Farbe – Lass mich – ich will dich
The Vyllies – Purple Gorilla
Adn Ckrystall – Tam-Tam Samba
Electropic – Cine cha cha
Anne Lorric – Déliverez-moi
Milplatte – Je vais danser
Excerpt from Stone – Death Trip
Woxy – Whatever Happened to the Hippies
Chinese Man – Liar
Pilooski – Système Piloo
Fantasy Three – It’s Your Rock
Davy DMX – One for the Treble
Visage – Pleasure Boys (Instrumental)
Red 7 – I Lost My Shoes on Acid
Phuture – Acid Tracks