New Zealand Music Show 06-09-16

sarah mary chadwick – aquarius gemini
kane strang – the web
Ghost wave – hippy (bootleg)
Alec Bathgate – Your Heavy Dream (wont fly)
A dead forest index – Anchoring the hands
Eyeliner – Homo electronicus
Basketball Nigthtmare – Come Downstairs
H965-A Quiet Earth
Mint Chicks – Double Helix
Chris Knox- The Face of Fashion
The Dead C- Bumtoe
Soda Boyz – by Soda Boyz
Kane Strang- She’s appealing
Trimusawizard Castle – Sunken to fuck with the eye
Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing – Watching for Buller
fam- b mine
zen mantra – Bailey
secret knives – the thief
derek – ever
Norma – Tape Jam #2
Batrider – Ha Ha
Pumice – 29
Seth Frightening – Fladada La Fling
3ds – Philadelphia rising
Lilah – Belles
Astro Children – Gaze
I.E Crazy – You’re a stranger to me now
So Laid Back Country China- Garden Lost Child pt1
Ghost wave – ? (bootleg)
the blueness – lunar sea