Lord Echo – Just Do Dub
Naram T Langford – Fraudulent (version)
Haz Beats – Roadman
MZWÈTWO – Young Stunna
Lowly God – 3:22am Blues w. Deadason
Cleophus Wun – hickeysdam
Shiraz & LSJ – Sumtymes
Bobandii – Gratitude
Unspecified Individual – The Friggen Epic
C H R O N I C S H N X M A N – scratchingmybrain
Heathertoes – 2017.01.02.c
The Doll – A Few Kisses Ago : pt1
Garden Burger – I’ve Never Been In Snow
Without Borders – Simple Life
Girls pissing on girls pissing – Lustration
Shab Orkestra – Grotesque (October Skin)
William Henry Meung & Emily Bloodbath – Killing the Innocent
Our Love Will Destroy the World – Cat Bones Call Hither
Erith – Heat (prod. Pelorus)
CAS – I Don’t Know
Sleepout – Everything
Grimm Selfie – Goneburger
modes – Purple U
Mantle – In An Instant
Ngaroma – Idle
Alpha Beta Gamma – Aurora
Kelvin Hurts – Bad Fortune

with thanks to NZ On Air Music