An Emerald City - A thousand stars at night
Aldous Harding - No Peace at all
Constant Pain - Million Miles
Renee Louise Carafice - A Promice, A Fireworks Display
Solid Gold Hell - Sugar Bag

Pumice Feat. CUTSS - Kill The Poor
Coolies - Mothers in Mantis
Shaft - How Long
Ducklingmonster - Low Low
DEAN - Pure Shores
Cookie Brooklyn - Distress Signals
Shaft - Might as well be Dumb

Jakob  -  Semaphore
Earth Tongue - Pygmy Pyramid
Stalker - Satanic Panic
Beastwars - Damn the Sky
Tuff Wizard - I Owe You Nothing / Street Lights
Shaft - Dinah

The Trendees - First He Said Please
Demi Whores - I am Evil
The Aesthetics - Drive on
King Loser - Flippin The Bird
Greg Malcolm and Stefan Neville - Prospectus

Pouffe - Emperor of Men
Hex Waves - Witch on a Motorcycle