with huge thanks to NZ on Air


ceramic – Edge
Kody Nielson – Bic’s Birthday
kamandi – Goldie
Puck’s Palace – hella nerves
coyote88 – Tripping Up the Crystal Way
Bailey Wiley – One Minute Man (Missy Elliott cover)
MEEr – Dolma
MCMF – Holiday 30
milk – mihiteria
Fabulous Arabia – Up To My Neck In Shit
Zero Six Hundred – Night Sweat
Hang Loose – You’re Gonna Die
Tidal Rave – Better Living
girlboss – Move That Bus
Spy Gang – Wahworld
Ready Sett – Netflix + Chill
Maple Syrup – Female Masturbation
Wax Chattels – Gillian
√Član Vital – Dreams
French Concession – In The Park
Kobra Club – Speak To Me
Blue For Noon – Never Near
Ghostwriters Collective – Break My Silence
Shunkan – Hachiko
Groeni – Hedre
New Dawn – The Dying Light
LTTL PHNX – Infinity Kiss (Suren Unka remix)
him – Waratah Bay
madison.v – I prefer to be cold
Ed Zuccollo – Song for Maddison