New Zealand Music Show 17-12-19


Earth Tongue (NZ) – The Well of Pristine Order
Planet Hunter (NZ) – Bitter Winds
Sea Mouse (NZ) – Numbers
New Age Leper (NZ) – A Bib For My Food
Koizilla (NZ) – Boogie Board
The Spectre Collective (NZ) – The Floating Limb
Hans Pucket (NZ) – FML (radio edit)


Linen (NZ) – Three Hail Marys
Secrets of The Sun (NZ) – Suffer With The Moon
HEX (NZ) – Sight Beyond the Line
Mermaidens (NZ) – I Might Disappear
Earth To Zena (NZ) – Things That Glow


Oddjive (NZ) – Potensh
Trinity Roots (NZ) – Home, Land and Sea
Dr. Reknaw (NZ) – Kereru
Yoko-Zuna and MeloDownz (NZ)
Troy Kingi (NZ) – Break A Bone
Louis Baker (NZ) – So Lo


Hybrid Rose (NZ) – Solitude (feat. Fanfickk)
The Happy Plaster (NZ) – We Survive
SoccerPractise (NZ) – Nga Whetu
Hiboux (NZ) – Aphasia
Into Orbit (NZ) – Emergence