Lorde – Homemade Dynamite.
Estere – Ambition.
Little Bark – USB
Chelsea Jade – Life of the Party
Lttl Phnx – Koromiko
A.C. Freazy – Where Are U Now
Mink – Duette
Fruit Juice Parade – Whaling
David Kilgour & Sam Hunt – Chord
Titian Sky – Slide
Pickle Darling – Mouthful
Nadia Reid – The Arrow and the Aim.
Bressa Creeting Cake – The Chip that Sells Millions
Karl Jensen – Eye Candy
Alastair Galbraith – As In a Blender
Music Sucks – League

stranthcona pl – death means
Tall Dwarfs – Nothing’s Gonna Happen
The Max Block – Burn David Burn
Life in the Fridge Exists – Have you Checked the Children?
Beat Rhythm Fashion – Turn of the Century
Wallsockets – Snerl
Headless Chickens – Gaskrankinstation
Spook The Horses – Overburden
Shortlived – Comedian
Shuedet – Rawww
Minelli – The Deployee
Zero Six Hundred – South
Street Chant – Yr Philosophy
Collapsing Cities – The Fear of Opening My Mouth
25 Cents – The Witch
Perfect Hair Forever – Gimmie That Poison
The Clean – Point That Thing Somewhere Else (In-A-Live)