with thanks to NZ On Air Music

Transistor : All You Remember
Hot swiss mistress : The Falling Stars
The Brunettes : Listen to the Cricket Sound
Jon Panther : Joyce of the Xtabay (Works For Loudspeakers)
Cory Champion : 2
Rory Storm : Pivotal
MC Custard : tony used too much force on the synthesiser bits
Alcs : Lost the Plot
GhostHead : The Pump
HTDTHS : Arrow
Skymning : Fell Into Place
Activist : Hospo Shoes (Summer Mix)
Junus Orca : Five Months
Lumm : rotor-feelism
signer : Counter Slave Sync (alt mix)
LRS : Proxy
Mantle : Meaning Less
Sam Hamilton / Integrifolia :Tiny pinecones are falling from the branches of the western hemlock. A person is standing beneath it. They are wearing a soft looking shirt
Anthonie Tonnon : Two Free Hands (Jet Jaguar aka Michael Upton remix)
Siktvp. : Long Night
Mr Reliable : I & I (Ghetto Bird remix)
SubsetDubs : Camoflage
International Observer : Wyndham Bowling Dub
Naram T Langford : Bobby’s Dub
Reality Chant : Father Say Dub (ft. Cornell Campbell)