with Eamonn
The Chills – Pink Frost
Girlboss – Mrs. Doubtfire
Zen Manta – Dimming Son (EP Version)
Jean Paul Satre Experience – Flex
Capsul – Never an Excuse
Mermaidens – Under the Mountain II
Hallelujah Picassos – Clap Your Hands
Features – City Scenes
Headless Chickens – Gaskrankinstation
Coolies – Ghostbaby
Snapper – Buddy
i.e. crazy – The Ape (Plastic Surgery Song)
The Renderers – Omaharsh/Seaworthy

Log Horn Breed – They Know
Transistors – Confidence Man
Brian Tamaki and the Kool Aid Kids – Eating Glue
PHF – Fresh Gallon
Milk – Everyday
Opposite Sex – Oh Ivy
Punches – Give it Up
So Laid Back Country China – Garden Lost Child, Pt. 2
Bic Runga – Wolves (Kanye West Cover)
SoccerPractise – I Was Screaming
Waterfalls – Empty Arms are Kinder
Madeira – Manipulator (Race Banyon Remix)
Coco Solid – Slow Torture (feat. Disasteradio)
Fortunes – Bomber
Chelsea Jade – Low Brow
SWIDT – No More Parties in Stoneyhunga