Tei.. – I’m A Soy Chai Latte feat. Doswami & Rodriguez
Suren Unka – 030
Team Cat Food – Emotion Ocean
k2k – hey deejay
Juiceroof – Working On My Heart
Soaked Oats – I’m A Peach
Draghound – Bloody Noses
Lilah – Chain Song (band vision)
prizegiving – Vailima
Look Blue Go Purple – Ralta (live)
fruit juice parade – Whaling
Maple Syrup – Vogue Model
The Chills – Pink Frost
Bic Runga – Hey
The Bats – No Trace


The Beths – Mississippi Moonshine Girls (The Reduction Agents cover)
Fazerdaze – Little Uneasy
Baton De Cul-de-sac – Something
The Clean – Stars
BARB – Leo
Luckless – So Talk
Pesk – When The Heavies Come
madison. v – I prefer to be cold
i.e. crazy – The Ape (Plastic Surgery Song)
HEX – Page of Pentacles
Red Sky Blues – Dwell
ONONO – Dreem
Mermaidens – Satsuma (live at ALH)
Golden Axe – Free Time
Spring Break – No Tengo Dinero (Righeira cover)