with big thanks to NZ on Air
indi – Cannibals
Introverted Dancefloor – When I’m Lonely
Estère – Grandmother
MADEIRA – Crave You (Flight Facilities cover)
Jim Essef – What More than the Sun
ONONO – Person’s
OPOSSOM – Blue Meanies
Draghound – Shy
Polyester – Different for a Boy
coyote888 – 50 dollar feet ft. Milk
bediquette – In Circles
Dbldbl – Non-Stop ‘Home and Away Omnibus’
Name UL – Faulty By Design
Soaked Oats – Gum-15
Water – Country Calls
Cool Rainbows – Tidal Wave
Lawrence Arabia – You Can’t Destroy Pleasure (demo)
Marlon Williams – Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore ft. Aldous Harding
Leilani – Lucky Girl
Lion Dixon – Side Ho
~Totems~ – Pentenoid
Career Girls – Too Damn Hot (Friendly Mix)
Beach Pigs – Night Surfing
The Beths – Great No One
Spy Gang – WahWorld
Taste Nasa – Do What You Feel
Maisey Rika – Tangaroa Whakamautai
New Dawn – The Dying Light
Bic Runga – Hey
Aldous Harding – Unfucktheworld (Angel Olsen cover)
Flo Wilson – (Please) Keep Breathing