New Dawn – The Dying Light
Spirit Revival – Love Underwater
Lttle Phnx – Keepsake
Alexa Casîno – Red
Élan vital – Shadow Self
Strange Stains – Don’t Trust Them
Instant Fantasy – Sweet Ingredients (The Dance Reduction Agents Cover)
indi – Precipice
madison.v – So Fantastic
Aldous Harding – Imagining My Man
Hans Pucket – Stranger
Street Chant – Pedestrian Support League
Pickle Darling – Mouthful
Mr Amish – The Problem Started When They Removed My Umbilical Cord
Spy Gang – Wah World
Thunderdykes – The Violent Love


Draghound – Shy
Eyes no Eyes – On TV
ONONO – Slo Burn
Mermaidens – Lizard
Heat Pump – Gasoline
CHELSEA JADE – Life of the Party
BROODS – Heartlines (Race Banyon remix)
Yumi Zouma – Text From Sweden
Tei. – Streetlights
Trip Pony – Open Up
The Ruby Suns – Tilt of His Hat
SILICON – Burning Sugar (live)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – The World is Crowded
Pam – Amateur Anathema

with big thanks to NZ On Air Music