Many thanks to NZ on Air


New Dawn – The Dying Light
madison.v – Catnip (demo)
Alexa Casino – Red
Koala Di – Nice
Mr Amish – I’m so glad ur here
TEEKS – If Only
Draghound – Shy
Courtesy Caller – Faux Pas at the Reptilian Ball
Aldous Harding – Blend
Blaek – But You Won’t
The May Project – Clockwork
Purple Pilgrims – Drink The Juice
milk – mihiteria
Hybrid Rose – Vaporwave
Het – Mario Never Died

Mongo Skato & Career Girls – The Sauce
Goya – Kneel to the Boss
Vera Ellen – Sadness Takes The Gold
Lizard Scum – Summer of Scum
Beeches Beeches – Blackbird
Boyfriend – Lord of the Flies
The Beths – Mississippi Moonshine Girls (Reduction Agents cover)
Spy Gang – Wah World
Orchestra of Spheres – Rocket #9
juiceroof – Working On My Heart
indi. – Tablelands
Grayson Gilmour – Otherness
Lunavela – Love in Strange Places
Soccer Practise – Amene
tei. – I’m A Soy Chai Latte (ft. Doswami Rodriguez)