Big thanks to NZ On Air Music


New Dawn – The Dying Light
Instant Fantasy – Love Is Not Enough
SoccerPractise – Amene
Death and the Maiden – Dear ______ (Signer Remix)
Grayson Gilmour – Blow Back
Tei.. – Streetlights
k2k – bles
CHELSEA JADE – Life of the Party
Spy Gang – Wah World
Look Blue Go Purple – I Don’t Want You Anyway
prizegiving – Vailima
Pickle Darling – Mouthful
Juiceroof – Working On My Heart (feat. Mr Amish)
madison.v – I Prefer to be Cold


ONONO – Dreem
Mermaidens – Lizard
Maple Syrup – Vogue Model
Courtney Hate – This is not ironic, watch me while I cry
fruit juice parade – Whaling
Aldous Harding – Horizon
Date Night – Txt
Boycrush – Flirt (feat. Madeira)
Leno Lovecraft – Universal Harmony
SCUBA DIVA – Marimba
The Beths – Mississippi Moonshine Girls (The Reduction Agents cover)
Wormstar – Some Things Don’t Even Matter
Ha the Unclear – Prince Johnny (St. Vincent cover)
Mr Amish – I’m so glad ur here
Zero Six Hundred – Night Sweat