Disjecta Membra – Whakataurangi Ake (ep edit)
Rickshaw Warrior (NZ) Jahhh
SODA BOYZ – Fader (ABG remix)
Acrillics – Lost Colors
Alpha Beta Gamma – Posse
Ludus – waver
Peach Milk – Heretic
Alcs – P2
Lumm – a while
Jason Wright -i only wanted it to breathe *
George Johnston – Interconnected*
ibn – lambs wool
Bobandii – Gratitude
Ages Powerflip – Great Power Guacamole
Larry Davidson – hustle for the cheddar
Grimm Selfie – Your Time Is Done
Nick Veale – Love?
U M U – Float Ting
Clever Calvin – Gooses
Miles Calder & The Rumours – To The Sea (Reprise)
Deer Thomas – Try to Understand
Lizard Scum – These Heart-Shaped Cookies Are Making Me Soft
Soft Hair – Japanese Love
Silicon (NZ) – ELEVATOR (LIVE)