A News Surprise

The Role: Who You Are and What You’ll Expect

This is a 6 week internship created for a tertiary student studying Journalism, Broadcasting, or Radio & Television. Radio Active is seeking a confident, bold, clear spoken and driven news broadcaster for the morning Breakfast show, hosted by Maggie Tweedie. As this show runs from7AM-10AM, we expect our intern to give him or herself ample time in the mornings to collect relevant, interesting and breaking news stories to then report at the given time slots.

You will be live on air in the Radio Active studio at 7AM8AM, and 9AM.
Each news segment should last anywhere from 6-10 minutes (but we understand on “big” news days you may need more time to properly report on stories-and we welcome this!)
This internship requires that you be comfortable speaking on air, have familiarity with high-pressure, demanding roles, and possess the confidence to preform with excellence and clarity, as required.

Here at Radio Active we are revamping the studio and creating a space for journalism and news reporting that is both accurate, intriguing and respected among listeners. We expect our intern to have a passion for journalism and reporting, and feel a drive to deliver a wonderful news segment every morning (Monday-Friday). Personality is just as important as the research aspect of this role.

You will be given training on the following:

-pre-recording a segment
-editing a pre-recorded segment
-voice tone and pace on live air
-the WHO’s and WHATS of gathering a solid news report

This role can be moulded to fit your creative vision, where applicable.

Radio Active Requirement

You are able to commit to 6 weeks and provide references of work ethic from previous employers.

You value the importance of “live radio,” and understand the dedication one must have to be present, on time, and possess valuable content for each segment.

You are able to research news content and sort through what is “worthy” of being reported, finding a wide range of National, International, and local stories.

** In return Radio Active will sign off on any hours, sheets, or provide a reference letter of your time and (amazing) work here at the studio. We are happy to speak to any future employers of regarding your experience here.

If all of this sounds like a dream come true, then you’re probably the exact person we have been searching for! Radio Active looks forward to meeting you and hearing what you have to bring to the studio.