Cleophus : shitrighthere
Tei. : Ba$ic
Hallelujuh Picassos : Hello Pablo
Newtown Rocksteady : Give Away Dub
The Black Seeds : Strugglers (Flash Harry Dub)
SWEEP : Who Shall Inherit the Earth
Reality Chant : Father Says ft Cornell Campbell (dub)
cornerstone roots : Journey
The Yoots : Ka Ru Ka Ru
ROY G and the BIVinators – Travel So Hard
The Conjurors – Happy Place
The Secret Mystery Band (Manifestation Music) – Live the Life
Hikoikoi : A Deeper Revelation
Damage Control : Lose My Way ft Georgie Fisher
Naram : Government Suck the Suffrahs (vocal cut)
Olmecha Supreme : Space Belongs to Us
Kakapo : Dreaming (Civilian Sol remix)
Surly : Wait til the Stick Comes
Painspeople : Touch the Sky
indi : Tablelands
Hera Lindsay Bird : Children are the Orgasm of the World
Strange Stains : You’re on the Wrong Road
Juiceroof : Dreams of Taylor Rose
The Bent Folk : Liar
√Član Vital : The Shadow Self
Noel Meek : Ecstatic Skin of the World
The All Seeing Hand : Dog Eat Dog
Alpha Beta Gamma : Anniversary
Lake South : Prospect Terrace

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