NZ Music Show 09-04-19


The Chills [NZ]- Heavenly Pop Hit
Into Orbit [NZ]- Horus
Spook The Horses [NZ] – Flood
Dead Celeb [NZ] – Breathe In You Wave
Eight Eyed Orchid [NZ] – The Senecent


Milpool [NZ] – From Beyond
Hex [NZ] – SIght Beyond The Line
French Concession [NZ] – Never Ever
Julia Deans [NZ] – The Panic
Fur Patrol [NZ] – Man In A Box
Tiny Ruin [NZ] – Sparklers


Pitch Black [NZ] – Bird Soul
Concord Dawn [NZ] – Styx w/ Geist
Rhian Sheehan [NZ] – The Paradigm Shift
Hiboux [NZ] – Voyage
The All Seeing Hand [NZ] – Silicon & Synapse


Same Name Confusion [NZ] – Not Fake News
Hybrid Rose [NZ] – Just Press Play (featuring Fanfickk)
Jonathan Bree [NZ] – Fuck It
Bailterspace [NZ] – Capsule
Cut Off Your Hands [NZ] – On The Sea
Earth To Zena [NZ] – Things That Glow
Wax Chattels [NZ] – In My Mouth