DJ Poffo : Get On Down Down
Skymning : I’m Up
Othersun : Never Alone
Sleepout : The Holy Highlighter
Lake South : Aro 2003
Kakapo : Dreaming
Pitch Black : It’s the Future Knocking (Alpha Steppa rmx)
Lyrae : Awake
PXLX : Bunny
Lumm : ph14fat-teeth
Pixels : Sleep Talk
Juiceroof : Sleeping in Another Room
Levi Patel : Since Last Letter
Matt Thompson : Spaces In Between
Kina Chameleon – Passive
Vulc : Rothyblues
Clever Calvin : m1
Flo Wilson : safe
Tyrone Mackintosh : Black Star
Alexa Casîno : Dream Girl
Strange Stains : You’re on the Wrong Road
Élan Vital : Shadow Self
Noel Meek : Ecstatic Skin of the World
Major Crimes : Stuph Infection
Bobandii : Of the Forest
Tom Cadillac : You Know You Can’t Take It Back
Ages Powerflip : 4f1 (paper rmx)
yeongrak : sghhh

big thanks NZ On Air Music