NZ Music Show 29-01-19

Julia Deans (NZ) – The Panic
The Spectre Collective (NZ) – The Banshee
Linen (NZ) – Three Hail Marys
Earth Tongue (NZ) – Portable Shrine
Ha the Unclear (NZ) – Where Were You When I Was All You Needed
Deaf [NZ] – Dead End

Death and the Maiden (NZ) – River Underground
Earth to Zena (NZ) – Celestial Skin
Plaines [NZ] – Knuckles
Hex (NZ) – Sight Beyond The Line
Hiboux [NZ] – Aphasia

The All Seeing Hand [NZ] – Royal Oil
Shapeshifter [NZ] – Dutchies
Yoko-Zuna and MeloDownz (NZ) – Take Me To Your Leader
The Adults (NZ) РBloodlines feat. Est̬re and Jess B
Ladi6 (NZ) – Diagonals

Toyota (NZ) – Beep Mode
Sea Mouse (NZ) – Numbers
Into Orbit [NZ] – Shifter
Roadeater [NZ] – Appalachian
Eight Eyed Orchid [NZ] – The Senescent
Shihad [NZ] – Get Up