Draghound - bloody Noses
David Mitchell- Subterranean
Elan Vital - Janina
Opposite Sex - Oh Ivy
Planet of the tapes - black cat / you must fight to live
King Loser - '76 comeback special

EVIL - Born to be hanged
Solid Gold Hell - Bitter Nest
I Drink Your Blood - haunted mansion / Dead Arm
Renee Louise Carafice - A Promise, A Fireworks Display
Aldous Harding - no peace at all
Girlboss - mrs doubtfire
Sandra Bell  - industrial night
Constant Pain - Shadow of a Lonely Man
King Loser - Morning Dew

Axemen - the ghost of elmer fudd
Jet Jaguar - Cat through a Vocoder

Eyeliner - toy dog
Emily Edrosa - Animal
Skeptics - AFFCO
Psychic Maps - Funeral Factory
Foreshadows -Crime and the suspect
HEX - Prayer
Verlaines - Death and the Maiden
3Ds - Philadelphia rising
King Loser - Shake Your Wings
Civil Union - Like Nuns For Christ
Gordons - Adults and Children
?Fog - Brian

Human Instinct - Tomorrow
Skeptics - Billdozer Song
SHaft - Downhill Racer