An Emerald City – Hamelin
Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing – Failed Exorcism
Futurians – Space Wolf
Pumice – Hey Crap Crab / Brown Brown Brown
Olympus – Bold Mould

Soda Boyz – Team Rockit
Civil Union – My Father Below
Dad Jokes – party goblin
All Seeing Hand – Temple of Bone
Solid Gold Hell – Bitter Nest
Slim Chants – Do the Dogone
Alphabethead – Little Grass Hut
Aldous Harding – Stop Your Tears

Earth Tongue – Pygmy Pyramid

Psuedorobustus – bring out your dead
Unsanitary Napkin – Jerkin back and forth
Screaming Meemees – Pointy ears
Finn Johansson – Two thousand and fourteen
elan vital – albtraum
Pouffe – Everything’s coming up christmas (but you’re not here)

Shoes this high – tunnel vision
Cutss – head/heart
skeptics – sheen of gold
cosmo – catatonic death trance
coyote – painting faces on rocks