NZ Music Show Playlist 15-10-19


Mako Road (NZ) – Be the Same
Ha the Unclear (NZ) – Julius Caesar
Koizilla (NZ) – I Can’t See Anything
Sea Mouse (NZ) – Rutherfords
The Spectre Collective (NZ) – Prawn Danish
Linen (NZ) – Three Hail Marys
Transistor (NZ) – The Brain


Mermaidens (NZ) – She’s Running
Same Name Confusion (NZ) – Silli City
Cut Off Your Hands (NZ) – On The Sea
Miss June (NZ) – Enemies
Wax Chattels (NZ) – Stay Disappointed
Milpool (NZ) – Thoroughbred
Aldous Harding (NZ) – The Barrel (Radio Edit)
Tiny Ruins (NZ) – Olympic Girls


Shapeshifter (NZ) – Twin Galaxies
Raw Collective (NZ) – Don’t Leave Your Luck
Estere (NZ) – Tokoloshe (feat. Raiza Biza)
Simloco (NZ) – Seaweed ft. Jinz Moss
Yoko-Zuna and MeloDownz (NZ) – Take Me To Your Leader
Kimbra – Lightyears (Chris Tabron Mix)
Hybrid Rose (NZ) – Dream Team


The All Seeing Hand (NZ) – Lizard Brain
Radar Angel (NZ) – No More Room In Hell
Into Orbit (NZ) – Between Stars
Spook The Horses (NZ) – Widening
Earth Tongue (NZ) – Astonishing Comet
Shihad (NZ) – The Reason Why