NZ Music show from 7:40…

Aldous Harding – Blend
The Mint Chicks – Walking off a cliff again
The Clean – Tally Ho!
The Damned Evangelist – Mosey’s dead
Disasteradio – Oh yeah
Epoch – Gallows
Fis – Out to the crew
Mermaidens – Satsuma
Micronism – The quiet mind
DJ Kush boogie – Acid cut
Mongo Skato and Borrowed CS – We Geddup
Sandboards – Japan
Robert Hattaway – Human condition
D. Tyrone – Evian
Chris Ellis – Untitled
K2K – Hey Deejay
Mongo Skato – Perc
Robert Hattaway – I don’t normally do this
Headland – VHS weather VIP