New Zealand Music Show 12/04/2016

connan mockasin – i’m the man that will find you

Shocking and Stunning – Salvia Gravity

Phoenix Foundation – Corale

Liam Finn – Tear up the Road

HIGH HOOPS – Ultradead

Cut off your hands – still fond

IE Crazy – An Incident on the Edge of Town

Astro Children – While I Appreciate Your Concern

Beastwars – Call to the Mountain

Christoph El Truento – clowns limbs grow back

Sheep Dog and Wolf – Glare

So so Modern – Berlin

Purple Pilgrims – Thru Evry Cell

Groeni – Hedre

Pacific Heights – Buried by the Burden

Mermaidens – Undergrowth

Ha the Unclear – Mannequins

French For Rabbits – Feathers & Dreams

Tourettes – The new New Zealand

Laurance Arabia – Apple Pie Bed

Aldous Harding – Hunter

Delaney Davidson – Gimmie Your Hands

Clever Calvin – Spa

FiS – CE Visions

Ghostcursor – AC/DC

Flo Wilson – Music for Dance #2

God Destroyer – .3

Pheromone Party – Bobo