Marianna Simnett: CREATURE
CREATURE is the first New Zealand exhibition by Berlin-based artist Marianna Simnett. First presented at Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art (IMA) in 2020, it surveys her video and sculpture from the last six years, telling wicked tales of transformation. CREATURE is her largest solo show to date.

Simnett has gained global attention for her visceral, theatrical works, which draw on storytelling and folklore conventions. They speak to the relationships we develop with our bodies—involving questions of control and violence, phobia and dysmorphia—as they undergo intervention and transformation.

Every Artist, Featuring 12 artists and at least 20 artist-collaborators
Art history is too important to be left to art historians. Every Artist is an exhibition of local, national, and international artists who rethink, remap, queer, and even gamify the history of art—often by subverting the tools of art history (maps, charts, diagrams, books, the biopic). This is art history as fodder for art making, not the other way round.