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July 2020

David Boyle @ ROAR! Gallery

David Boyle paints for his own personal escapism and to offer the door to days of romance and adventure to others. Boyle's favourite motifs are British policemen, nuns, Alice in Wonderland and more.

ROAR! gallery is a not-for-profit exhibition space that supports artists with limited access to traditional dealer galleries.

ROAR! is dedicated to the sale and promotion of art created at Pablos Art Studios. Pablos is a creative environment that aims to empower people who have had an experience of mental ill health.

80% of funds raised by the sale of art through ROAR! Gallery go directly to our Pablos artists.

ROAR! also supports external outsider artists and have spaces available through the year for hire.

Visit ROAR! gallery at Shop 209, Left Bank Arcade or at ...
02 Jul - 30 Jul
All Day
ROAR! Gallery, Left Bank Arcade
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