7 am

Courteney Barnett- Elevator Operator

Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Hunny Bee

Estere- Nomads

Unknown Mortal Orchesta- Everyone acts crazy nowadays

Hockey Dad- Join the club

Clean- Tally HO!

Hopetoun Brown- Put it down

Chris Knox- Not Given Lightly

Kevin Morby- Slow Train

Brian Jonestown-  Anemone


8 am

Jess B- Take it down ft Rubi Du

Florence and the Machine- Sky full of song

Declan Mackenna- Brazil

DJ Q- Sanfrandisco

LAB- Starry eyes

Yellow days- The way things change




Mac De Marco- Treat her Better

Kransinky- Nightcall

Teeks- If only

Nadia Reed- Preservation

Ha the unclear- Wallace line