Andy LaVerne – All The Things Considered

CODE Quartet – Watching It All Slip Away

Bryn van Vliet Quartet (NZ) – Liberation

Claus Waldtøw – Mellowland

Jazzmeia Horn – Green Eyes

Charmaine Ford (NZ) – Truly Yours

Christian Euman – And When I Die

Scrimshire, Nat Birchall, Faye Houston – I Hear You, I See You

Lucien Johnson (NZ) – Awa

Ziv Ravitz – Paths

Paul Williams Quintet – It’s Hip To Be Humble

ARTEMIS – The Sidewinder

Alexa Tarantino – A Unified Front

Bob Cunrow’s LA Big Band – Have You Heard

Kenny Garrett – For Art’s Sakes

Nicholas Payton – Jazz Is A Four-Letter Word

Gabrielle Cavassa, Braxton Cook – Podcasts

John Caroll Kirby – P64 By My Side

Tigran Hamasyan – The Dream Voyager

Human Bloom – Colours On You

Gretchen Parlato – Weak

Jordan Raeki (NZ) – A Tribe Called Government

Nate Smith, Kinfolk, Kokayi, Michael Mayo – Square Wheel

Josh Johnson – Simple Song

Jonathan Barber – Vision Ahead

Ruby Rushton – The Good Mixer

Louis Baker (NZ) – Love Levitates